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The UK fashion industry is broken. It’s time we take matters into our own hands. Pledge to Repair aims to create a pathway for a key circular solution that other industry stakeholders can follow in a bid to influence and drive much needed legislation from a governmental level.

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We believe that change happens at all levels. The pledge is open to fashion businesses, circularity business champions and citizens.

Who are you?

Fashion business
You are a clothing brand with a UK-wide repairs service
Repairs are a core part of a the brand’s business offering
A dedicated repair section on your website / an online booking system for repairs
Business champion
You work at a clothing brand
You commit to advocate the value and drive the implementation of repair services within your organisation and the industry at large
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You commit to repairing your garments, choosing to repair instead of replacing worn or damaged items
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“The Pledge is our effort to create a collective industry-wide movement, going beyond individual partnerships to build a collaborative coalition with the potential of influencing policy on a governmental level. It is through collective action and legislation that true change will happen at the speed it needs to.”

Josephine Philips, Founder & CEO of SOJO

Our repair provider signatories

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